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Brian McQuinn

Assistant Professor of International Studies

Co-Director of the Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Data, and Conflict

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Dr. Brian McQuinn is a civil war scholar and practitioner specializing in conflict resolution training and interventions. Before joining the University of Regina, Brian served as a Global Advisor to the International Committee of the Red Cross in Geneva, Switzerland. He received his doctorate from the University of Oxford and his research has appeared in The Guardian, Financial Times, and Nature.

Research Interests

Over the last two decades, my work in conflict affected-countries has ranged from supporting peace talks in Nepal and Timore Leste to negotiating with armed groups in South Sudan and Nigeria.

I study the inner working of armed groups. Most recently, we have started to look at how social media is transforming civil wars, right-wing extremism, and political violence.

Through the Centre for Artificial Intelligence, Data, And Conflict, we are building an international hub to support interdisciplinary research on social media and conflict using artificial intelligence tools.



Cole, Peter and McQuinn, Brian (eds.). 2015. The Libyan Revolution and its Aftermath. Oxford University Press.

McQuinn, Brian and Laura Courchesne. 2020. “Armed-Group Proliferation: Origins and Consequences.” Strategic Survey 2020: The Annual Assessment of Geopolitics. Washington D.C.: International Institute for Strategic Studies.

McQuinn, Brian, Terry, Fiona, Francisco Gutiérrez-Sanín, and Oliver Kaplan. 2021. “Introduction: Promoting Restraint in War.” Special Symposium on Promoting Restraint in War. Terry, Fiona, McQuinn, Brian, and Oliver Kaplan (eds.). International Interactions.

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